Well, first things first.  Congratulations on your engagement! 


My name is Jacki and I am a Brissy based Marriage Celebrant.


In a past life I was a Trivia Host all around Brisbane and the Goldy so I'm a bit of an old hat when it comes to public speaking and using a mic.  I am also a total food enthusiast who has been having a long love affair with blue cheese, hot cinnamon donuts, G & T's (Hendrick's and Elderflower Fever Tree Tonic to be exact) and mint choc-chip ice cream and just quietly, we're not breaking up anytime soon.  

I am a Camilla kaftan-obsessed, travel and die-hard reality TV addict who is vivacious, charismatic, organised, witty, supportive, compassionate and a bloody good cook.

Weddings are so much fun which is why I think your ceremony should be heartfelt, relaxed, personal, definitely not awkward and one that sets the tone for the rest of your night with your friends and family.


If you think I may be the Celebrant for you, I would love to hear from you.

We can catch up for a coffee or a champers and if  you have a dog, can you please bring them too!


Image by Nakita Maree Photography