Well, first things first.  Congratulations on your engagement! 


My name is Jacki and I'm a fun and personable, Brisbane based authorised marriage celebrant who provides an alternative to the traditional ceremonies from yesteryear. 


In a past life I was a Trivia Host all around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, so I'm a bit of an old hat when it comes to public speaking and using a mic.  I am also a total food enthusiast who has been having a long love affair with blue cheese, hot cinnamon donuts, espresso martinis and mint choc-chip ice cream and just quietly, we're not breaking up anytime soon.  

I am a Camilla kaftan-obsessed, travel and die-hard reality TV addict who is vivacious, charismatic, organised, witty, supportive, compassionate and a bloody good cook. I also have a passion for writing, which you know, comes in handy when you're a marriage celebrant!

Weddings are so much fun which is why I think your ceremony should be heartfelt, relaxed, personal, definitely not awkward and one that sets the tone for the rest of your night with your friends and family.  I pride myself on my writing skills and telling your story in a way that is fun, authentic and heart-warming.  I am willing to accept the challenge of changing people’s views that the ceremony is boring AF.  I offer a contemporary, relaxed, fun and professional approach and I will create a ceremony that is uniquely you.

I should also let you all know that in this current climate, It would be amiss for me to not inform you that I am fully vaccinated (3 jabs!) against COVID-19, oh and the flu too. (That feels weird having that on my website, but here we are!)

I am in full support of LGBTQI couples. Because love is love and the world has bigger problems than girls who kiss girls and boys who kiss boys.


If you think I may be the Celebrant for you, I would love to hear from you.  

We can catch up at a dog-friendly park, café or pub - whatever suits you! 


I am honoured to live and work on the ancestral lands of the Turrbal people. 

I acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.